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This foundation began with four leading people. In the year 2019, they received an idea to explore the field of customer experience. They wanted to change the older way customer experience was working and present a new example before the world. With this idea and a loan of $150k, they took their first aviation. In these two years, they grew as a global workforce the revenue currently is over $10M and they are serving over 22 clients.

They achieved success because the market was ready to accept this change and this enterprise was ready to provide it. While companies lose revenue of $339B only because the customers get poor services, this enterprise is helping them to retrieve from that loss by their best-in-class services with a flexible workforce. The flexibility can be seen as they evolved themselves for the market according to the situation during the covid pandemic.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan Shroyer, CEO & Co-Founder of Officium Labs.

Tell us about your key operations in the market?

Being an entirely decentralized company they find their roots in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Due to similar philosophies, they can manage around the market. They say “you can hire talented people anywhere in the world and provide them a flexible, purposeful work and they will enable happy clients”.  To date, they are working with employees in Europe, North America, and Asia.

What is the concept of Connect, Transform, Innovate at Officium labs?

Officium Labs is working on creating seamless customer service through their brands ” Connect, Transform, and Innovate”. The brand “Connect” works as a network of on-demand, best-in-class customer service resources. They are working to bring “great people together with great brands” so they can achieve extraordinary service steadily without any hindrance with peak volume spikes.

“Transform” works on bringing their extraordinary CX procedure to existence. It is done by “consulting, coaching, training and our award-winning Foundational Services Workshop”. “Innovate” is a technology arena where companies can attain enhanced outcomes, this is done by the use of analytics and operative tools.

Tell us about the CX Self Service Maturity Model? How beneficial is it?

With their CX Maturity Model, they are helping the employment authorities to “generate and protect revenue” with their distinct ServiceStack™ technology. They correlate the impact of great service with the impact on the organizations’ financial performance, which enables them to demonstrate the strategic role played by CX. “The bottom line is that happy customers spend more, stay loyal longer, and help to bring new customers your way”.

In these 2 years, they have proven over 15 times that “CXAAS (customer experience as a service) drives savings to the bottom line and protects top-line growth”.

Here are a few ServiceStack client wins achieved and provided by the foundation:

One of the clients had to say that “WFM saves 24% in BPO spend”.

Another said that “White Glove MVP protects $5M”.

One another client added that “Agent AI assist decreases BPO spend by 25%”.

A client happy with the service said “Connect Burst scaled 100 resources in a few weeks to meet volume demand”.

Another such client said that “CXAAS transformation drives a 55% increase in customer satisfaction”.

What made you design the CX Self Service Maturity Model?

For this question, their answer was “We wanted to enlighten our clients on a better way to bring LTV, customer effort, and customer retention to the forefront of their success”. They found that the service market was shattered because a lot of companies were “splintering their customer journey and not focusing on the results and outcomes of the journey.  They were more focused on segments”. To solve this they decided to design their model.

Describe to us your technology solutions, associations, and partnerships. What new innovations can we expect shortly?

We have done many case studies on AI Agent Assist that remodels how agents engage with clients. Moreover, our intense strength in BI supported by programs like Burst and White Glove are fundamental differentiators in where we are running. The operations head and the tech employees are obliged to lead a global workforce that will surpass 10,000 by the year 2025. Besides, we are one of the leading service organizations to take cryptocurrency as payment.

How effective is your company from an operational standpoint of view?

All non-core team is on-demand, so our crew lines up just in time when the client demands it. Besides, it is quite related to how AWS does its web services. Some folks call us the AWS of human capital. Our back-end WFM system allows this real-time allocation, accompanying the people we hire looking for a more flexible work style.

How does the organization equip itself for uncertainty?

Our world-class design model has a three-prong interest strategy, i.e., Connect, Transform, and Innovate. All of these were arranged and fixed up in the ServiceStack to balance income uncertainty in the others, and then collectively, they can beat the market. Besides, if we pair this with our clients’ value impression, it is smart to weather storms and prepare us for vagueness while balancing a startup.

How do you assess and estimate the dynamics of your clients and satisfy their demands?

As discussed, we have a world-class ServiceStack maturity model that encourages us to benchmark our clients against the best in class industry. Furthermore, we have a framework and strategic approach to close the gaps and transform their cost center services team into a profit center ambassador team. All in all, this enables our clients to retain more customers, as we win their business every day.

What is the most important key to your success? Share the experience.

The key to their success is that they decided to work on an idea no one was working on. They wagered the talent with tremendous maturity, knowledge and experience. Giving credit to the supportive customers they said “we had a few clients that would take a risk on a new company. Those were the foundation pieces”.  After that, they functioned in an efficient and hurry attitude so that they can provide their best to the clients.  “From there it was relentless delivery, hustle, and drive to create value in all we do, for all we do”.

Describe your innovations to provide a high-grade customer experience.

We assist service leaders to both make and protect income through our unique ServiceStack™ approach. We can demonstrate CX’s imperative role by associating the impacts of outstanding service on the organization’s fiscal performance. Besides, the bottom line is that satisfied clients spend more time with us, stay loyal for a longer period, and support us to draw new clients in a coming way. Over the last two years, we have witnessed 15x over that CXAAS (client experience as a service) induces profits to the bottom line and protects top-line growth.

How has your journey been so far? 

Officium was cofounded with Scott McCabe a couple of years ago. Since the time of its launch, the organization has expedited rapidly,” achieving profitability in the initial 20 months.

“It’s been a big-time for us: A few times ago, Officium has just passed $1OM in revenue, taken the greatest official move toward offering cryptocurrency, and filled two crucial seats in the executive cabinet committee. We have added astonishing things coming up directly around the edge.”

“One such most important thing coming soon is our modish CX Lab facility in San Francisco. Moreover, this will be a spot for the CX community to engage with innovative seminars and workshops, learn from the best experts, get the productive spirits flowing all across.”

“Besides, we’ve started a blog series and also a podcast that is assisting in providing and educating CX professionals in all businesses.”

How has your approach Mantra “Connect, Transform, and Innovate” helped add value to your clients?

“Officium builds incredible client experiences through its best approach of Connect, Transform, and Innovate brands. Connect is a chain of best-in-class, on-demand client service resources. ‘We draw fabulous people collectively with big brands to deliver excellent service even while peak volume spikes.” Meanwhile, Transform induces Officium’s novel CX methodology to life through coaching, consulting, training, and its award-winning Foundational Services Workshop. 

Besides, Innovate is a technology space that assists organizations in achieving intensified results through operational tools and analytics.

“Encouraging leaders to sway and shift from a “cost center” aspect of client service to a “value and interest center” view is a substantial part of what Officium does.”

‘We’ve assisted companies both design and protect upwards of near 3M-4M dollars along with a 1M dollar investment. Moreover, When clients are satisfied, they will pay more and entice other clients to join and engage with the brand.”

By drawing the top talent and building an effective environment of work that is helpful to maximizing their and company’s potential.

What are the biggest challenges you face in the initial year’s?

Being a new idea and new company they had to work hard to achieve brand recognition, secure fundings, and reach the customers. Although the results say they effectively did achieve.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation?

“We win business by our actions every day”.  With this quotation, they added that they have hired “thought leaders and known experts”.  They are fiercely battling the older norms. They believe in sharing their views and outcomes with the industry. They have invited others to tell and learn too.

How long have you been in business?

Their journey started only 2 years back and they have enjoyed every moment to serve the needs of the community.

How big is your team?

Today they are working with 30 internal supporting staff who are spread across the globe bound with the global network.

Where do you see Officium labs in the next 3-5 years?

Take the answer in their own words “First unicorn service company that accepts crypto payment, pays in crypto, and delivers people and client results better than top 5 competitors”. With this vision, they are running to achieve the pinnacle of the world.

Awards and achievements, if any?

They have been recognized as the winner of ” Best CX Strategy, Mary Poppins Award ”, winner of ” Engaging Customers with Technology, for customer engagement strategy” in 2020 by Peer Awards, winner of “Impact Company of the Year Award ”. Jonathan has been a finalist of Best CX Transformation, Best CX Strategy as CX leader of the year hosted by CXA.

Jonathan has also gained recognition as ” Leader of Impact” in the year 2021. Another achievement in Jonathan’s name again “Top 10 CEO to Watch” by Industry Era. With all this recognition the company has been named as ” 50 Best Companies to Watch and 20 Best Small Companies to Watch 2021 list.

Anything else you want to say?

They follow the great leader Nelson Mandela, who led the change for a transformation in the world. “Our motto as a company comes from Nelson Mandela’s win or learn mantra.  Our values guide our decision making, and people make the magic happen”.

Meet the founding duo:

Jonathan Shroyer is the CEO & Co-Founder of Officium Labs.

This incredible man has acquired wonderful knowledge in the customer service field by working as a leader for over 22 years. He gave his promising efforts to big giants like Microsoft, Autodesk and Monster. He has also conducted his service in startups like Forte Labs, Kabam and Postmates. He loves to share his knowledge and thoughts with others. To make sure that people get the knowledge he has attained, he likes to join CX conferences. He contributes by sharing his passion through podcasts and by writing.

Scott McCabe is the Co-Founder & CHRO of the Officium Labs.

Another name behind this hardworking enterprise is Scott McCabe. With knowledge and experience of over 18 years in various fields, he had his main focus on the new field of gaming. With all his wisdom in this rapidly unfolding arena, he helped companies like EA and Kabam. He cherishes this enterprise and invests his proficient specialities in the field of computer science technology. With his perception, he empowers the enterprise to solve the dilemmas of customers.

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