Perfect Corp: Transforming the Beauty Industry with Unrivaled AI/AR Capabilities

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Technology has transformed the business marketplace all over the world. Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/augmented realty, in, particular, are influencing almost all the industries today. The rapidly growing beauty industry is no stranger to these transformations as numerous companies in the industry are using advanced technologies to serve their clients with the best-in-class solutions.

Headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Perfect Corp is one such company who is leveraging the immense untapped potentials of these technologies. Perfect Corp. is the world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider transforming the industry by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for a re-imagined consumer shopping experience. An early adopter in the beauty tech industry, the company has continued to revolutionize the sector with its strong hold on AI and AR technologies helping content creators, small brands and consumers re-imagine the beauty shopping experience.

Leading-Edge Services and Solutions

From small and medium businesses to larger enterprise clients, Perfect Corp. offers innovative beauty SaaS for every business size. Over 320 trusted brand partners turn to its cutting-edge AR and AI technologies for virtual makeup trials, hair color and accessory try-ons, and instant skincare diagnostics to enhance the beauty shopping journey online and in-store.

With over 900 Million global downloads, Perfect Corp’s suite of consumer apps, includes YouCam Makeup, YouCam Perfect, and YouCam Video. The interactive app experiences merge true-to-life virtual try-ons, hyper-realistic effects, and seamless photo and video editing for users to discover, try, create, and share. Perfect Corp. has been honored for outstanding achievement in beauty tech innovation, providing the most innovative AI and AR beauty tech solutions to drive business and personalize the consumer journey.

Awards and Recognitions

Courtesy of its state-of-the-art services and solutions, Perfect Corp has been bestowed with numerous awards and recognitions throughout its 7-year-old history. These awards and recognitions include,

  • BIG 2021 Innovation Award winner
  • BIG Sales & Marketing Technology “SAMMY” Awards- Product of the Year
  • Edison Awards 2020 “Innovative Services- Retail Innovation
  • AI Excellence Award 2020- AI Skin Tech
  • 6th National Industrial Innovation Award by Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • 32nd Annual Edison Awards
  • CEW Best Beauty Technology Award
  • Red Herring 2019 Top 100 Asia Awards
  • 28th Taiwan Excellence Awards
  • Beauty Independent Innovation Awards
  • CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree
  • Digital Content Awards (Taiwan) “Best AR product
  • Japan BeautyTech Awards
  • Ram Charan management Award by Harvard Business Review Chinese edition
  • SHAPE magazine Tech Award
  • “Editors’ Choice” by Google Play
  • The Webby Awards Honoree
  • CEW Best Beauty App
  • 2018 International Innovation Award

Leading from the Front

Perfect Corp is the brainchild of Alice Chang (CEO and Founder). As the mainstay of the company, Alice has been playing an instrumental role in its growth and success. Chang’s career in tech began with Cyberlink. Recognizing the innovative ways that technology could be used to improve the consumer beauty shopping experience across multiple touchpoints (including mobile, online, and in-store experiences), she identified the emergence of a Beauty Tech category and set to lead the way with Perfect Corp. Her goal was to develop and provide digital-first solutions to brands, retailers, content creators, and consumers, for an enhanced consumer shopping experience.

Currently, Perfect Corp. has over 280 brand partners and 850 million downloads of the YouCam apps globally. To call it a game-changing and trailblazing vision would be an understatement. Talking about the company’s unrivaled growth, Chang says, “We quickly introduced creative ways for brands to use advanced beauty tech to enhance and customize their e-commerce experience. This helped us a lot in the long run.”

Coping with the Challenges

A successful business, no matter small or big, has to face its share of challenges. In its initial days, Perfect Corp. also confronted a myriad of challenges. Brands were initially skeptical if this technology had real world application to help drive business. In order to help prove the impact of beauty tech, the company ran many POCs and brand partner testing, which continued to prove these global solutions helped boost business metrics and customer satisfaction.

The impact and accuracy of its YouCam digital try-on technologies quickly turned skeptics—both consumers and brands—into believers and now brand partners. “We keep a pulse on evolving consumer behaviors and quickly pivot to meet their changing needs and demands, like the recent demand for touchless, contactless experiences through voice or gesture controls,” asserts Chang.

The pandemic completely changed how we visualize shopping forever. Safe, contactless hygiene practices are necessary today and Chang believes that an area that will open up new avenues to leverage AI and AR. She mentions that combining the power of AR and AI technologies has allowed Perfect Corp. to unlock a new realm of experiential digital try-on, personalizing the consumer shopping experience for the individual instead of the masses. Furthermore, it renders a customized–and now contactless–shopping experience which is precisely what the discerning modern day consumer is searching for today.

Preparations for the Future

Perfect Corp.’s forward-thinking approach and the ability to pivot its strategies according to the client/market demand separate it from the rest. In the upcoming years, Skin Tech is the company’s top priority. It intends to explore customized skin regimens by monitoring skin health and providing tailored solutions. With advancements in AI technologies and mobile camera lens tech, it is just breaking the surface of how technology can be used to benefit the consumer skin health journey.

The company is also reimagining the digital try-on experience through touchless mechanisms using gesture and voice-activated digital try-on controls and virtual lipstick switching on the arm to help with virtual color try-ons while wearing a mask. Chang is confident that AI will bring the next big upgrade to the consumer digital journey. “Advancements in AI innovation make personalized recommendations possible and will be the key for next gen virtual try-on experiences both online and offline,” she concludes.

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