White Cane Coffee: Bringing Sustainability in People with Coffee and Taste

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Coffee is so much more than a beverage — it’s a community. By taking a look through some of the best coffee out there, you’ll get an introduction to just how broad and diverse the world of coffee really is.

Maybe you’re a novice whose infatuation is rapidly turning into something more serious. Or maybe you’re a connoisseur with a thirst for knowledge on brewing techniques.

But, wait! What if you are trying out a new coffee and your recipe or go-to brew ratio isn’t producing the desired flavors? In that case you can easily experiment by adjusting different parameters and keeping track of the changes by using a coffee scale and timer. While you could just wing it, you’d never really know what change made the difference and how to reproduce it.

That is the point where Erin decided to make a special blend and serve it the way people love. Alongside providing people with self-sustaining job opportunities and career strength especially for people with disabilities.

Follow the interview between Business Leaders Review and Erin:

What is White Cane Coffee?

White Cane Coffee is a coffee shop located along the Allegheny River in Warren, PA. We offer a wide range of blends to supply all of your coffee needs. Our small batch roasted, organic, single-origin coffee ensures what you put in your body is the best you can get in both taste and quality.  Not only that, we are constantly coming up with ideas to make living better for the blind and disabled!

Who holds the nitty-gritty of White Cane Coffee? And it all started?

Hi, I’m Erin, CEO of White Cane Coffee. I, with the help of my parents, started this company to provide great coffee to our customers and provide self-sustaining jobs for people with disabilities.

We have a variety of coffee roasts for your enjoyment. Colombian Supremo is sweet, smooth and bold. We also have a Colombian Supremo Decaf which gives you all the same great flavor without all the caffeine. But, if you want that caffeine boost, try our High Octane. Our Donut Shop blend gives you that fruity, clean taste you expect to find in your neighborhood pastry shop.

If you like a bold, earthy cup of joe, try our Dark Roast, it is roasted from 100% Indonesian Sumatra beans. French Roast gives you that rich, robust flavor you may crave. Or if you prefer a Breakfast Blend, ours will give you that tangy, fruity flavor you will love. All of our beans are organic and micro-roasted, using hot air to give you the very best quality and flavor.

What is your revenue model? How White Cane Coffee leveraging the market perfectly?

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and discovering you are out of coffee. (I shudder at the mere thought of it). So, that is why we offer a subscription service so you can receive your favorite White Cane Coffee right on your doorstep every month. If you make your subscription for a full year, we will cover your shipping. You will also notice that, other than our sample box, (which I highly recommend so you find the right blend for you), our coffee arrives in 1-pound and 2-pound packages. You will actually get what you expect you are paying for.

What makes you different from the market or competitors?

Now a bit about White Cane Coffee, and why we stand out. The reason I wanted to start White Cane Coffee is that number one, “Who doesn’t love coffee.”. But most importantly, my brothers and I are all on the Autism Spectrum and I am also blind. We have found that finding jobs are extremely difficult. In our experience, employers didn’t want to provide full-time or living wages to handicapped individuals. Or because of bullying on the job site, staying at some jobs is unbearable. So, at 22, I started to ask, “When you have the right people around you, the question stops being, ‘What can I do?’ but, ‘What’s stopping me?’” So here we are.

What goals are you seeking for the future?

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment to all people and provide jobs to the handicapped community at a living wage. Most of all, we want to provide you with a Great cup of coffee that benefits the disabled! We proudly serve the Blind and Disabled communities.

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