Baidu’s EV arm, Jidu unveils the first robot car

The EV arm of Baidu, Jidu Auto has unveiled the first robot concept car. This advanced car sports some of the most advanced features. It was launched through an online press conference held on Xirang-Baidu’s metaverse theme app.

Jidu is a venture controlled by Baidu and co-funded by Chinese automaker Geely. In 2023, Jidu is planning to mass-produce a model that can be 90% similar to the concept car.

Features of Jidu’s robocar

Jidu’s robot car is free of door handles and has full voice-controlled recognition. Bein truly automated in nature, the car needs no human intervention. It utilized Qualcomm’s (QCOM.O) 8295 chips that will help the users to access voice assistance offline even with poor internet connection.

Jidu has unveiled the advanced car model when several big players are competing for launching the first autonomous car. Besides being backed by autonomous driving technology, the car will also have two lidars and 12 cameras.

The car will be manufactured at the Hangzhou Bay in China’s eastern city of Ningbo. Geely already has several operational plants in that area. Moreover, the robocar team includes the ex-Cadillac designer Frank Wu as its head of design. It has also hired Wang Weibao as the head of intelligent driving. He was a former member of Apple’s EV initiative. The first car will range around $29,914.59, as confirmed by Robin Li the Chief Executive of Baidu.

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