FLO will be launching the first U.S. EV Charger Facility

FLO has announced that it will be launching the first EV charger manufacturing facility in the U.S. by late 2022. The manufacturing facility will be located in Michigan and is aimed at accelerating the execution of the U.S. market strategy.

FLO anticipates that the Auburn Hills, north of Detroit, facility will make a major contribution to Michigan’s electrification future. It aims to produce more than 250,000 EV chargers by 2028 for the U.S. market. FLO will also create 730 direct, indirect, and induced jobs by 2028.

FLO comments on the launch

Louis Tremblay, the President, and CEO of FLO, “The future of EVs is in Michigan. We are proud to announce our facility today – our first in the U.S.—that will not only create jobs for Michiganders, but also help meet the rising demand for smart, reliable charging stations, and continue to expand the FLO network across the USA.”

FLO will also install an advanced testing lab at the manufacturing facility of Auburn Hills, which will ensure FLO chargers offer the best experience with all EVs. Having an advanced lab facility located in Michigan will bring FLO nearby the leading American car manufacturers and will enable FLO to achieve increased charging alignment to new EVs arriving in the market.

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