Intermedia Global and Vantage Clever merge to deliver the ultimate marketing

Recently, it was confirmed that Intermedia Global (IMG) will merge with Vantage Clever,
which is a leading marketing technology consultancy. This merger will make the company
the ultimate marketing trifecta.
Last year, IMG acquired the award-winning marketing campaigns agency, Junction. Now by
adding Vantage Clever, the company has enhanced both its strategic and operational
capabilities in the area of technology. IMG is now equipped with the expertise to offer advice
on delivery services of the key pillars of modern marketing viz. Technology, Data, and
IMG covers every client’s need
IMG can now cater to every demand of the clients. It can provide ABM data for B2B
customers which needs an appropriate tech stack personalized around the individual’s data.
And also, help the large mass-market or even one-on-one ABM campaigns by leveraging the
customized data compiled from the key pillars.
Karla Wentworth commented, “We’ve seen the Martech landscape explode, more and more
organizations are seeking end-to-end know-how on selecting, optimizing, and powering their
digitally-led marketing activity. Our services in data, technology, and campaigns, means that,

as a collective, our strengthened services can support the whole marketing and sales
IMG will be working on both operations and work alongside each other in collaboration. The
focus will be on the efforts for assisting the clients for a diverse range of marketing sectors
across the regions of the U.S., UK, EMEA, and APAC. The Vantage Clever team will join
the IMG employees and Karla Wentworth will be joining the leadership team as the COO.

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