Teradata unveils cloud-native platform, VantageCloud Lake

Teradata, a San Diego-based data and analytics vendor launched VantageCloud Lake on Monday. VantageCloud Lake is a new cloud-native version of its data and analytics platform and ClearScape Analytics, the rebranded version of its business intelligence suite.

Before launching VantageCloud Lake, the data and analytics platform of Teradata was called Vantage. Vanatage has been renamed as VantageCloud Enterprise, amd was created to be cloud-first but not cloud-only.  VantageCloud Enterprise comprises various cloud features and is affordable and made to be used by IT departments at enterprise scale.

The launch of VantageCloud Lake is a big achievement for Teradata as it brings database capabilities of the company in line with next-gen database vendors like SingleStore and Snowflake and AWS, Google and Microsoft, Farmer.

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