Transmit Security Releases New Features for Its CIAM Platform

Transmit Security, a cloud-native CIAM services provider has issued new features for its customer identity and access management platform. Since the inception of the company, it has delivered multifactor and passwordless authentication and identity orchestration features for companies that are risk-prone to customer identity.

The platform comprises the following modular services, delivered as APIs:

  • Multifactor and passwordless authentication provide better authentication assurance, streamline consumer omnichannel experiences, and phase out passwords.
  • User management capabilities allow for easier guest account conversion, offer personlized customer identity experiences, and combine silos.
  • Digital identity fraud protection verifies customer identities when they register on the platform, and also helps in account recovery.
  • Integrated orchestration delivers complete embedment and automation throughout the spectrum of identity security.

“From our founding, we have delivered identity orchestration, multifactor and passwordless authentication and other capabilities for the most risk-aware companies,” said Mickey Boodaei, co-founder and CEO of Transmit Security.

“We understand that account security, threat intelligence and identity verification — seamlessly integrated as an end-to-end solution — are essential to protecting customer accounts while delivering an excellent user experience. We’re proud to introduce those expanded capabilities as core parts of our cloud CIAM platform.”, Boodaei continued.

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