Will there be a merger between Telecom Italia and Open Fiber?

Recently, Vittorio Colao, the Innovative Minister of Italy, shared a statement that Italy should have a stronger telecoms network. To achieve this, there are speculations surrounding the merger of Telecom Italia and Open Fiber assets, in regards to maintaining the competition in the sector.

Vittorio Colao shared a comment with the media on the sidelines of the Ambrosetti business forum, saying, “What we’re keen on is a national telecoms infrastructure ensuring great performance and quality. If this were to happen by combining parts of Telecom (Italia) with Open Fiber, that’s welcome as long as competition is preserved.

Possible merger between Open Fiber and Telecom Italia

In May, CDP- which controls Open Fiber, signed a preliminary accord with Telecom Italia which was focused on creating a unified wholesale network operator under the control of the state by merging Telecom Italia’s fixed network infrastructure with Open Fiber. Soon CDP is expected to submit a non-binding offer for Telecom Italia’s network later this month. The same was confirmed by the people close to the deal.

About Telecom Italia:

Gruppo TIM, legally known as TIM S.p.A., is also popularly known as the TIM Group in English. It is an Italian telecommunications company HQ in Rome, Milan, and Naples. It offers fixed telephony and DSL data services, Telecom Italia is ranked as the largest Italian telecommunications services provider in revenues and subscribers.

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